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Meditation - why it's so important

The mind is the one thing that controls your life. The thoughts that are running both at a conscious and a sub-conscious level are what is literally creating your reality. They impact your level of wealth, your confidence, your health, your physical health, your emotions, how you deal with life and whether or not you respond or react. Your thoughts effect whether or not you create or are dictated to ; whether or not you live in fear or love.

Meditation give you the ability to become aware of what you are thinking and to actually see how your thoughts impact all of the above and more. It's not about what is happening around us , it's about how we respond to it. It's not about what we went through in the past, it's about how we perceive the event. It's about the choices we make in every moment.

Unfortunately, our minds are flooded with low quality data. data that fuels fear, self-doubt, dependency etc. Data through the media, other people's beliefs about us, our interpretation of "bad" things that happen to us, things people say or have said to us etc. This all affect our thinking and therefore our choices and therefore the reality we create. Our perception is what creates our reality. If you change the way you look at something or someone, then it literally changes. Just think about 5 different people watching the same movie. It's obviously going to be experienced in 5 different ways. That' obvious. and it's the same with life. When in the movie of life we can actually change our experience of it if we take on a different perspective.

Meditation wakes you up. It gives you a birds eye view of your thoughts and allows you to see how they are impacting your current reality on every level. If you are busy running around and are in the movie of life not watching it , you're not really going to have the full picture. You're just going to be like one of the characters not really seeing how the whole story fits together.

Meditation is the act of regularly letting go of distraction and just sitting with yourself to become really aware of what you are thinking. At first you will have rushing thoughts and possibly some very uncomfortable feelings hence our usual need for distraction....i.e. to avoid facing these rushing thoughts or uncomfortable feelings. But if you stick with it...and just start watching and listening to these thoughts and observing these feelings rather than letting them boss you about making you get up and constantly "do something" you'll realise that eventually you can just relax. It's actually such a relief.

Many wonderful things start to happen. Firstly, you get used to not being bossed about by your uncomfortable feelings meaning that when they surface at other points in your day, you are much less likely to react ( being bossed about by your emotions ) and instead you respond ( remain calm and take appropriate action ). It doesn't mean that you don't feel your stuff...totally the opposite actually you feel it even more. Reacting and distracting is a way of avoiding difficult emotions.....responding is allowing them to be felt lovingly...honouring them and then taking appropriate action if needed. This disarms the usual spike of adrenaline and cortisol that usually happens at those times. Which means you are less likely to reach for something like a cigarette, a piece of cake, a hook up or a line of coke for example. You're also less likely to want to lash out at others or become self-destructive. Meditation disarms all destructive responses. It's actually miraculous. Because it makes you conscious and aware of what is really going on within you and within others.

Numerous studies have shown that mediation reduces all types of crime rates.

So, if we are disarming all of this toxic reactivity what else are we doing? We are making space for a new way of thinking. In a way you could say it slows time down. It gives us that clarity that allows us to make better choices and we find ourselves having more fore-sight and realising less in hind-sight. It mean that our minds are less frantic so we become better listeners. Our intuition becomes stronger as our minds are no longer crowded by fear and doubt. We get to then become aware of the thought patterns we have. which ones we want to keep and which ones we'd rather not have anymore.

So, meditation shines the light on what we need to heal. And with haling comes abundance, love, inner peace and so much more good stuff.

I really urge you to meditate or encourage others you love to meditate as well. You can't really get it wrong and just starting will make a huge difference. The benefits are so worth it.

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