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Stay Calm to Stay Kind

Think about it this way....have you ever seen someone respond or behave kindly and act super stressed at the same time?

You can still be kind even when you are feeling stressed. It just takes more effort.

So the Calm and Kind aspects are definitely linked.

Being "chilled out" is actually necessary in most situations.

It doesn't mean having low energy, being lazy or meditating for hours a day.

It's actually as simple as this...just ask what I am about to do or say KIND?

If you are acting from a place of being triggered or stressed in ANY way EVEN if you feel like YOU are the really is more beneficial to stop for a moment or two and think of the kindest possible way you can say or do what you have to in that moment.

Yes, someone may be being an ABSOLUTE TWAT to you...but believe me...responding diplomatically will disarm them AND will gain you a ton of respect.

Communication my friends really is can both build and destroy.

Choose your words and your approach wisely especially in those CHALLENGING moments.

Others will learn from you and you totally mitigate any risks as you'll be using "proper" and polite language, sticking only to the FACTS while making it very clear where you are at...i.e. "nothing personal mate"

Afterall, you have NO IDEA what that "TWAT" is actually going through.

And most times, when you respond as respectfully as possible to people like this...their guard comes down and most of the time you'll see they are just like on one of your "bad" days...we can all be arseholes sometimes...AM I RIGHT?

If you would like great communication strategies to help you get your point across 100% in a way that is RISK FREE then book a call with me.

I've done it all wrong before and paid the price...which is why I now know how to do it right.

Remember, people who RESPOND instead of REACT gain more respect.

And people who REACT instead of RESPOND gain either pity or resentment.

This isn't just about staying kind to others when you are triggered, it's just as much about staying kind to yourself. When you can keep a level head in an emotionally charged situation you really can make the right decisions in that moment that are good for you AND for everyone else.

If you need help managing your emotional responses to a difficult situation, person or life in general, feel free to get in touch.


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