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Meditations: About

These Hypnosis-Style Meditations have been designed to bring about permanent changes at a deep level.

Each Meditation is 30min long and focuses on achieving specific results within your mind AND body. 

Read the description of each to find the one that resonates with you. 

There are 12 Levels of Mediation in  this series. 

The option to purchase ALL 12 as a bundle is also available. 

For best results listen t o each meditation for at least 21 days for the benefits to really take effect and for the changes to fully embed into your mind. While they each have their own specific transformative goals, all of these meditations will: 

  • Relieve Stress

  • Regulate Sleep

  • Relieve Depression


Meditation Level 1
Earth Star Chakra Healing


Feeling Anchored
Achieving Goals
Connection to Nature
Manifesting physical Results
Finding your sense of Purpose
Abundance and Health on all levels
Stabilises Emotions
Feeling Safe
Becoming more Aware


Meditation Level 2
Root Chakra Healing


Emotional and Physical Stability
Self sufficiency
Physical vitality
Balanced Adrenaline
Ability to defend oneself appropriately
Harmonious family relationships
Finding your “soul tribe”
Having basic needs met such as food and shelter.
Physical activity
Feeling Grounded
Decreased anxiety
Dealing with Fear
Physical resilience


Meditation Level 3
Sacral Chakra Healing


Clearing and healing sexual trauma
Improved intimate relationships
Healthy attachment styles in relationships
Creative Expression
Allowing Joy
Following your Bliss
Emotional Expression
Healthy digestion
Clarity around emotions
Balanced levels of energy

Meditations: Team Members

Meditation Level 4
Solar Plexus Chakra Healing


Self Confidence
Ability to see truth in self and others
Clear intuition
Faith in Life
Letting go of the need to control
Knowing your purpose
Remaining empowered in challenging situations
Healthy assertiveness
Finding Peace in the moment
Inner Strength


Meditation Level 5
Heart Chakra Healing


Self love
Self Care
Improved attitude towards one’s health
Decreased anxiety
Relief from Depression
Ability to manage breathing
Deeper breaths
Improved lung health
Taking inspired action
Acting from love instead of fear
Easily feel compassion for self and others
A sense of feeling at one with others


Meditation Level 6
Throat Chakra Healing


Increased immunity
Fights off viruses or illnesses easily
Sees life from a loving perspective to all others and to all things
Ability to let go out old negative habits
Ability to recognise destructive patterns
Motivated to change for the better 
Access unconditional love
Trust in self and others
Ability to Forgive
The bridge between the heart and mind helping you to communicate your emotions calmly and clearly

Meditations: Team Members

Meditation Level 7
Third Eye Chakra Healing


Ease of Balanced expression
Open flow of communication
Ability to listen effectively
Writing, Speaking
Harmonious communications
Express ideas clearly
Oral Health


Meditation Level 8
Crown Chakra Healing


Pineal Gland Activation
Regulation of sleep and energy patterns
Mystical states of Consciousness Awareness
Inspirational ideas
Unique insights
Psychic awareness
Claire Abilities
Wisdom and Visionary abilities
Visualisation and Imagination
Dream Recall


Meditation Level 9
Higher Heart Chakra Healing


Pituitary Gland function
Overall functioning of endocrine system
Hormonal balance
Nervous System Health
Realisation of what is sacred
Letting go of old perceptions
Ability to shift point of view
Achieving higher states of consciousness
Feelings of Ecstasy and Bliss

Meditations: Team Members

Meditation Level 10
Lunar Chakra Healing


Linked to the Moonlight and Feminine energy
Realisation of hidden truths
Feminine approach
Nurturing Self
Connects 3rd dimensional awareness with 5th dimensional awareness
Fluidity of Life 
Connection to divine and spiritual realms


Meditation Level 11
Galactic Gateway Chakra Healing


Clearing Karma
Intuitive Insights
Flashes of realisation seemingly based of knowledge from external sources
Access to Akashic records
Access to downloads of information at a subconscious level from Universal consciousness
Connects with Psychic abilities. Connection with your higher self and ALL knowledge specific to your own soul.


Meditation Level 12
Stellar Gateway Chakra Healing


Gateway of communication with other dimensions, beings from other star systems and timeliness
Access to DNA activations and Upgrades
Connection to self
Connection to other Timelines
Divine love
Awareness of universal orders
Divine Timing
Universal consciousness

Meditations: Team Members
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