Who I Am and How I can Help You

Hello and welcome.

If you are a busy, stressed out professional man who is tired of feeling overwhelmed, out of control and are wanting to achieve balance in your life again then I would love to work with you.

I've worked in male dominated environments for years within corporate, civil service and  manufacturing sectors for years. One thing I know for sure is that it's incredibly difficult for men in general to ask for support and admit when they are feeling like life has really gotten on top of them. On the outside they my look like everything is perfect. They are getting the job done and earning good money. However they may be secretly struggling with relationship issues, addictions, body confidence, child hood trauma etc.

I've also noticed that society in general is rather harsh on men more often than not assuming the worst and pushing a high level of expectation to not show vulnerability. Furthermore, the wellbeing sector although in reality is "open to all" does seem to be more geared towards women. Meditation, Yoga and the like are still mostly linked to the feminine rather than the masculine. 

As a certified Metaphysical Healer, Meditation Instructor, NLP Life Coach and RTT Practitioner ( Hypnosis ) I have made it my mission to bring wellbeing closer the men who need it and facilitate it in such a way that removes the "rainbows and unicorns" aspect. 

The benefits of meditation for example, can be scientifically proven. Life Coaching in it's truest form is very clear cut when it comes to clarifying goals, being realistic while challenging at the same time.

I have a very no-nonsense yet supportive approach. I will keep you focused on the point. I will push you to get very clear on what it is that you want to achieve and I will nudge you firmly to allow yourself to recognise the thinking that is holding you back.

Effective stress management all starts with being very certain that you absolutely cannot carry on as you are. It depends on you having that one moment of clear realisation that "something" has to change.

You don't need to know what exactly, or how. I can help you get precisely clear on that. I'll also connect you firmly to why you want this change so that your motivation remains consistent and I'll methodically guide you  through identifying exactly how you are going to achieve this goal...this change.

 In short, stress when not dealt with constructively...leads to destructive behaviours and habits in the mind's subconscious attempts to cover it up or somehow make it go away. 

The point at which you reach out to me and invest your hard earned money into working with me, is the point at which you've looked at yourself, you've hand an honest look at your life and you know that it's just not ok to leave things as they are. You know that not taking action to change things will definitely cost you more in the long run. 

You may be drinking to numb the stress and this is now affecting your family. You may be smoking 20 or 30 cigarettes a day and your body can't handle it anymore. You may be "flying off the handle" at the smallest things and you are tired of feeling out of control in that way as it upsets you and those you care about. However the destructive aspect of stress are showing up I can really help you to shift this and facilitate you to become calmly empowered, peacefully focused and driven and feeling healthy, motivated and really align yourself with your true goals and values.

As a women I really value what men bring to this world and the roles that you play in society. I also appreciate that there just isn't enough access to wellbeing in a way that really honours and respects your strength and masculinity while acknowledging the fact that you are also deeply sensitive and compassionate.

Working with me can be in individual sessions of any of the modalities that I use OR you can sign up for a personalised programme that uses a combination of these.

The modalities are NLP Life Coaching, 1-2-1 Meditation Instruction sessions, RTT Hypnosis, and Energy Healing.

One-Off sessions of NLP Life Coaching OR RTT Hypnosis are £199 each for 2hrs.

Programmes are flexible and are tailored to suit your needs but will always include NLP Life Coaching, RTT Hypnosis and Meditation as the minimum.

Programmes Packages start at £800 and go up to £3000 for a full 3 month growth experience. 

NLP Life Coaching identifies your goals, values and limiting beliefs.

RTT Hypnosis goes deep into your subconscious mind to remove the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Meditation gives you the tool to notice and shift your state of mind at every moment.

I do also offer meditation packages if you wanted to just focus on getting a regular, personalised practice established.

Energy Healing literally shifts the blocked energy and stored emotions that are causing stagnation within your entire being on every level. 

I am certified, insured and linked to professional bodies for each of these modalities. 

I've made sure that I trained with highly reputable organisations as it's important to me that you know you can trust my skills, ethics and experience as well my genuine good intention to help you live the wonderful life that you deserve.

Please contact me for more details or to book a free 30min consultation.

I work with clients Internationally online OR in person at my clinic in Manchester.

Please read testimonials from my satisfied clients below:

"Gina is a great listener and helped me work on an issue I wasn't really facing. Her empathy and understanding really helped me and I have seen a real benefit from the time we worked together. She has such a calm and gentle presence that I was instantly at ease but there is a steely grit there too which she used to help me get to the crux of my problem. She really cares which is evident in her work. | totally recommend Gina if you're looking for a coach and I expect she is equally as good at the other things she does! Thank you Gina"


"Gina is an amazing coach ! She brings so much of her gifts and skills together. Such a mindful and joyful experience I had with her. I was feeling a bit stuck with myself on anxiety circles, special in the mornings and I wanted to bring more happiness and bliss in my life for managing my anxiety and mental health and getting more energy and motivation thought the day. Working with Gina helped me identify how to start my mornings implementing happy routines, to be more mindful during the day , so I bring things into my life that energize me and keeps me motivated to follow my goals. I came aware about the things I am missing that makes my soul happy, giving myself permission to enjoy what life has to offer more and where my focus to go. Gina has a great energy, she makes you feel safe , supported, she is very empathetic and she is gracefully holding the space for self appreciation. Thank you ! "

I have been studying and practicing energy medicine since 1999.

In all my years of approaching healing from many different aspects including art therapy, meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, reiki and reflexology. I have come to realise the one truth that underlies everything and that is everything is simply energy. The various tools or approaches we use really depend on what is most comfortable for you as a client, but they all work. Once you as the client are ready to make a shift, I as the facilitator can support you in bringing about your own healing. Everyone is different. Some people are more comfortable with touch whereas some aren't. Some people may prefer to talk while others may prefer to not speak too much. Every conscious action taken to bring about a shift will trigger healing. If you make a change in one aspect of the self with the intent to find balance then your entire energy changes and so does your health, your life and everything in it.

Some therapies such as RTT are more rapid and instantly transformative whereas others are more subtle. 

I have a qualification in NLP Life Coaching, X-Hail Meditation, Advanced Metaphysical Healing, Reiki level 2, RTT , Art Therapy Coaching, Massage and Reflexology.

I've also worked for years in health care supporting vulnerable adults and have been doing extensive work on my own personal growth consciously since the age of 17.

I have overcome crippling anxiety and depression including suicidal thoughts as a teenager, severe anorexia and various other life challenges that have equipped me to be a therapist who can really relate to my clients. I pride myself on showing empathy with a bit of tough love. Accountability is key. You need to want to change. And I can help awaken your inner desire to do this if you're struggling.

Either way I believe that you are powerful and capable of totally transforming any situation and indeed your entire life. One thing I won't ever do is take the credit for your growth. I'm just here to remind you of how magnificent you already are so that you can allow your health, wealth and all manner of abundance to flow into your life in the way that you desire.

My main area of focus is working with men who are ready to make the necessary changes in their lives to achieve inner peace, emotional harmony, self confidence, healthy relationships, managing stress and balance in their lives in general. One of the main reason I am working specifically with men is that I feel I'm in a strong position as a woman to raise awareness f what men really need and what their main challenges are today.

It's important to me that men and woman co-exist in a mutually respectful and loving space on this planet. 

I also feel driven to really understand men and their vulnerabilities, strengths, goals and dreams as I don't see enough awareness about this out there.




To make the most out of my life experience and my abilities I have trained and gained qualifications in Rapid Transformational Therapy ( a hypnosis techniques ) , Reiki, Metaphysical Healing, Reflexology and Massage Therapy, X-Hail Meditation Instruction, NLP Life Coaching.  
Using one or a combination of these techniques we work together to help you achieve your goals. This includes facilitating you to identify your goals, establish if they are aligned to your values, identify any limiting habits or beliefs that are currently stopping you from reaching your full potential.



Creative Energy Mastery is still open for business as usual including during periods of strict lockdown. The clinic offers vital health care services so it's doors remain open for in-person sessions. ALL services, apart from Reflexology, are also offered online worldwide. Please read the guidelines below if you are planning a visit to my clinic in Manchester. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to get in touch.


COVID Secure Guidelines

Guidance for Clients attending appointments at Remedy Lounge

Guidance for Clients attending appointments at Remedy Lounge

We understand how important it is that you can feel ‘Covid safe’ when returning to face to face appointments with your therapist. We therefore ask everyone who is attending the Remedy Lounge to read and agree to your ‘practitioners Covid-secure policy. This is available directly from your practitioner or from the company that they represent.

Remedy Lounge has carried out a Covid risk assessment and removed risk where we can.  However, where it isn’t possible to remove risks we have taken steps to mitigate them.

  • Hand sanitising stations have been installed throughout the building.

  • A one way system has been implemented to keep you at a safe distance from others.

  • We have used floor markings and signs to remind everyone to follow the 2 meter distance rule.

  • Our lift and bathrooms are now ‘one person use only’

  • Our practitioners will only return to face to face contact if their professional association has deemed it safe. They have agreed to adhere to the strict guidelines for their profession.

  • Our practitioners have each carried out as covid risk assessment and will have provided you with any relevant information for your session.

  • If you consider yourself in a vulnerable group please discuss any concerns about attending Remedy Lounge with your practitioner,  they will be able to guide you.