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I recently had an online RTT session with Gina. I had a session to help overcome my anxiety I had struggled with for years.

From the first contact with her she made me feel totally at ease and comfortable to explain my issues. She went back to the root cause of my problem and help me release it. She is a warm kind hearted person who uses her intuition to help guide you where you need to go in order to heal from your issues. She has such a soothing voice that puts you instantly at ease.

I feel so much calmer and relaxed since our session together. I would highly recommend anyone to have a session with Gina



I recently had a session with Gina, and was immediately struck by her calm and professional demeanour.  I was hugely impressed by her techniques which took me right back to the root cause of my skin complaint and I released lots of old tension and hurt around the issue, in a really comfortable way. Super-fast too - it achieved far more than weeks and weeks of the talking therapy I'd tried before, with little or no result. I felt a huge release and lightness after the session, and continue to do so, and I'm really excited about the future.  I can't recommend Gina and her amazing techniques highly enough - never felt better about myself!


I had an art session with Gina lately and it was amazing. I couldn't have guessed that doing something which was so much fun could have been so revealing. I found out lots about myself and now have some definite areas to focus on and work toward  Best of all I can carry on developing my art work to reflect my progress. I didn't think I'd be able to come up with anything as I'm not the most creative person but Gina guided me through each part of the process and I surprised myself. I highly recommend her method.



I've had a few different sessions with Gina and I really enjoyed them all. Her art sessions are a lot of fun and I'd never have guessed that the session I had with her would have been so profound - it gave me lots to work with and I intend to continue producing art. The distance healing I had with her was amazing. I felt a huge change immediately and the changes continued to grow and develop over the following week. The RTT session was also very powerful and she uncovered and dealt with some old buried issues which had impacted me for a long time. Truly life-changing stuff, and I recommend her services highly. Thank you, Gina x



Had such a lovely reading with Gina recently. Absolutely love that she has designed her own cards and that each one is so beautifully symbolic. She was very professional and I left feeling like I had some direction and that I had gotten the clarity I was searching for at the beginning of our session. Thank you Gina! Much love Xxx


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