Stop Smoking Hypnosis £199

"Hi Gina. I haven't had a cigarette since our session, it's been 56 days smoke free. Thank you!" Anne. B

Let yourself breathe again!

I work with clients who have been smoking for years and are simply tired of feeling ill, exhausted and being controlled by a habit that is literally killing them.

RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy is a revolutionary Hypnosis technique that uncovers the real reasons as to WHY your mind insists on holding onto this incredibly destructive habit.

Bringing these beliefs to the surface enables you to let them go and release the control they have over you which is why you still smoke.

It's an award winning technique developed by Maris Peer and has phenomenal success rates for a wide variety of issues inculding smoking.

We have a 30 min pre session talk during which I explore your reasons for why you want to quit smoking as well as all the other added benefits. As well as reframing your association with this habit we also work to build in the motivation around your goals and intentions behind wanting to quit.

You will get a personalised hypnosis recording based on your unique thoughts, goals and experiences which you listen to for 30 days after your session providing you a great support and reprogramming your beliefs while the nicotine is flushed out your body.


I also focus on breath work as quitting smoking is really learning how to breath again which is something that is really beneficial in those moments when you would usually reach for a cigarette so we focus on getting you into the habit of conscious breathing instead which brings about instant stress relief and mental clarity.  
💫The sessions cost £199
💫This includes a 30 min consultation.
💫A 1.5 to 2 hr hypnosis session taking you back to at least three regressions to find the root causes as to WHY to still smoke.
We then install new beliefs for you to reprogramm your subconscious mind to reframe the thinking that's causing you to continue to smoke.

Quitting smoking is a massive achievement. And the rewards of a longer life, better quality of life, more time and energy, more money and overall improvement in health are so worth it.


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Stop Smoking Hypnosis