Soul Star Chakra Healing Hypnosis Audio

26min long

Part 11 in the 12 part Chakra Healing Hypnosis series called

"Just Click Play to Transform" 2020

You can purchase the full series on this website for £49.00 which includes a free 30min session with me to help you establish which order would be best for you to listen to these recordings giving you a more bespoke experience. 

Listen to this while going to sleep or first thing after waking up every day for at least 21 days and experience long lasting positive shifts in the following areas of your life:

Soul Star Chakra

Clearing Karma, Forgiveness, Intuitive Insights, Flashes of realisation seemingly based of knowledged from external sources, Access to Akashic records, Blueprint for all past and future incarnations, Access to downloads of information at a subconscious level from Universal consciousness, Connects with Psychic abilities. Connection with your higher self and ALL knowledge specific to your own soul.




Soul Star Chakra Healing Hypnosis

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