To help you quite smoking , lose weight, overcome anxiety, depression, low self confidance and much more

£199 - 2hrs

£500 - 3 sessions

£1000 - 6 sessions

This therapy uses revolutionary hypnotherapy techniques that get straight to the cause of the belief patterns that are preventing you from achieving your goals, are keeping you depressed, keeping you in a cycle of addiction, trapped in toxic relationships, enslaved to fears and phobias, what ever it may be that you feel needs to be eliminated from your life or healed or overcome, this therapy can do this for you.

In an RTT session I will facilitate you to regress back to at least three points in your past that are the cause of the belief that is currently underlying the issue you are wanting to shift. Not only will you be shown, by your own mind, what these subconscious beliefs are, but you will clearly see the connection to your present life. I'll then facilitate you to heal yourself from these past connections and re frame everything allowing your mind too make space for a new belief system. I then facilitate you to programme in the new beliefs that you want. Your desired outcomes are established at the beginning of the session and also via a detailed intake form that you will be asked to complete before the session.

Don't worry if you aren't initially clear on what you want. It's part of my job to help you find find that in yourself. You'll then be given very personalised recording that lasts between 10 - 20 minutes. You'll listen to the recorded for at least 21 days ; at least once a day. This programmes in the new beliefs that you have now made room for having discovered and flushed out the negative beliefs that were holding back. It's truly magical and it is exactly what is says it is i.e. rapidly transformational.

To become a therapist I had to be a receiver of this therapy myself on numerous occasions as part of my training and it has totally changed my life. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Testimonial "I recently had an online RTT session with Gina. I had a session to help overcome my anxiety I had struggled with for years. From the first contact with her she made me feel totally at ease and comfortable to explain my issues. She went back to the root cause of my problem and help me release it. She is a warm kind hearted person who uses her intuition to help guide you where you need to go in order to heal from your issues. She has such a soothing voice that puts you instantly at ease. I feel so much calmer and relaxed since our session together. I would highly recommend anyone to have a session with Gina"

Location & Contact Details: 07726228170


Online OR at Clinic

Rapid Transformational Therapy - Hypnosis

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