Welcome to part 10- 12 of the 12 part Chakra Healing Hypnosis series called 

"Just Click Play to Transform"

This bundle includes a Healing Hypnosis Audio for the:

Causal Chakra

Soul Star Chakra

Stellar Gateway Chakra


For full benefit it is advised that each recording is listened to once a day for at least 21 consecutive days. 

You can also listen to one in the morning and another while going to sleep so that you may expand and balance two Chakras within one 21 day cycle. As the recordings are not just designed to shift the energies of a certain energy centre but also the associated BELIEFS and THOUGHT PATTERNS that are linked with it, it is imperative that you give your mind the full 21 days of exposure to the new thoughts so that you can really see the benefits. It takes the brain 21days minimum to form new neural pathways linked to certain beliefs before they become habitual and automatic. Please allow yourself the time for this to take root. 

Although each audio is specifically designed to heal and balance certain chakras, you will experience the following benefits from EVERY audio:

  • Stress relief

  • Better sleep

  • Clarity

  • Relaxation


Specific benefits associated with this 3 part bundle are:


Causal Chakra

Linked to the Moonlight and Feminine energy, Realisation of hidden truths, Femanine approach , Nurturing Self, Connects 3rd dimensional awareness with 5th dimensional awareness, Integrating the Energies of compassion and fluidity into the physical reality, Connection to divine and spiritual realms, letting in love.

Soul Star Chakra

Clearing Karma, Forgiveness, Intuitive Insights, Flashes of realisation seemingly based of knowledged from external sources, Access to Akashic records, Blueprint for all past and future incarnations, Access to downloads of information at a subconscious level from Universal consciousness, Connects with Psychic abilities. Connection with your higher self and ALL knowledge specific to your own soul.


Stellar Gateway Chakra

Links and harmonize our higher 5th dimensions energies with the energy of the stars and all universal energies, Gateway of communication with other dimensions, beings from other star systems and timelines, Access to DNA activations and Upgrades, connection to self on other timelines, Connection of divine love, Awareness of universal order and dive plan and timing. Universal consciousness.



The full 12 part series can be purchased on this website for £49 which also includes a 30min session with me.


This 12 part Chakra Healing Hypnosis Series called:

"Just Click Play to Transform" is designed to reprogramme each aspect of your inner and outer world as it relates to the particular energy centres.


I have gone beyond the Seven main Third dimensional Chakras and have included an extra Five Fifth dimensional Chakras to add the deeper more spiritual layers as well.


Each Hypnosis is scripted to not only balance and expand your energy centre but to reframe your beliefs associated to the life aspects it relates to. I have combined creative visualisation and hypnosis scripting techniques to intentionally shift you energetically and also mentally by addressing specific thought pattens and beliefs.


The document that you receive when purchasing this series will contain all the links to the full set of 3 audio mp3 files as well as information on how to use them and what aspects you can expect to see shifting in your reality when working with a certain download.


Each audio is approximately 30min long.


They are to be listened to one at a time for at least 21 consecutive days to allow a meaningful transformation to take hold in your thinking but allowing the energies to shift and for the new suggested thoughts to become habitual within your subconscious mind.


I have used this technique on myself, my daughter and my clients and have experienced phenomenal results which is why I decided to create this programme.


If you would like to contact me for further information please get in touch.



Part10-12 Chakra Healing Hypnosis Series

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