I have always used art as a healing a spiritual tool. In 2017 I channelled a series of artwork that came through with strong messages. I created an Oracle Deck called Soul Voices Oracle using the artworks and their specific messages. While doing a reading for you I use the cards as divination tool. We can go through as many questions as we have time for in the reading. For each one I pull three cards for you : Past/ Present / Future. These are not aimed at being predictive but rather are a tool to help you see the deeper meaning in your current situation and as usual I do get many messages through from your guides, higher self, ancestors etc. I may get information from your past lives come through and will pick up on energies around what is really dominant in your life including relationships, work, your strongest feelings and your best way forward for moving towards your most balanced and abundant life. 60min sessions are done via video call or in person at my clinic in Manchester, UK. 30min sessions are only done online or via video call. After the session you will get a summary email on what came through for you as well as a photo of each spread linked to the specific questions you asked. It's nice to have a reference as I find these things can tend to slip out of our memories very quickly and it would be a shame to lose out on all of that guidance.


Testimonial: "Gina is very intuitive and demonstrates such empathy. She is professional and is able to connect on a soul level. Connecting with her was great. I weren’t sure what to expect at first but she was able to put me at ease at the start of our session. Gina was able to connect with me on such a deep level, I was amazed. Each of her beautiful cards chosen connected the dots for me. I would highly recommend her and her work. I’m looking forward to seeing her again."


You can watch a video about these sessions by going to the Videos tab and selecting Oracle Card Readings.

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