This audio file is a 27min Guide Viualisation that takes you through a full body scan.


Not only will it help you to identify whre your main energy blocks are sitting in your body and/or energy field, it will also help facilitate you to shifts these and energise your entire being using pure light energy.


By the end of it you will feel more aware of your energy and will feel both energised and relaxed.


It's great to listen to before going to sleeep. The state f mind you fall asleep in really impacts how you feel when you wake up. So doing a nice energy cleanse while going to sleep can really set you up for the next day.


Even if you fall asleep while the audio is still playing, you will still experince the beefits as your mind is absorbing all the suggestions subconsciously.


I suggest listening to this for at least a week. Or any time you need to unwind or if you specifically want to establish where you are at energetically for the purpose of personal growth.


I really hope you enjoy this and please feel free to leave any feed back or suggestions.


Gina x

Full Body Scan Audio Download