This Audio Download is a guided Hypnosis for the Earth Star Chakra.

This is Part One of a Twelve Part series that I am releasing on Dec 31 2020.


This is a 24min hypnosis to transform the areas of your life associated with the Earth Star Chakra which include wealth, stability, connectedness to the earth, groundedness and much more.

Earth Star Chakra:

Abundance, Anchored to earth energy, Aligned with abundance of the earth’s resources, Manifesting physical results, Connectedness to humanity as wider earth family, Abundance and Health and all levels, Stabilises entire energy system, Protection during spiritual practices, Connection to the Collective consciousness, Access to data and information from Past Lives, Wealth.


Listen to this preferrably while going to sleep for at least a week although 21 days is ideal for true transformation and long term shifts in thinking around these areas to occur.


You can also listen to it first thing in the morning while waking up but during the day is also totally fine. Just make sure you have a time when you won't be disturbed and can really allow yourself to relax.


And don't worry if you fall asleep as your subconscious mind is still actve and taking in all the suggestions in the audio.


Please let me know how this works for you.


And if there are any specific areas that you would like me to create transformational hypnoisis recordings around please let me know.



Gina x

Earth Star Chakra Hypnosis Audio

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