I am a fully trained and highly experienced energy therapist and have practiced advance Metaphysical Healing and Reiki for many years.

Distance healing is in a way a lot more powerful than hands on healing as I am able to fully disconnect from the physical and connect 100% to your energy no matter where you are. If you have a look at the testimonials you will see that clients experience distinct sensations and effects both during and after the session. When I conduct a distance healing, I can totally drop into a deep trance like state. As the client is not present, I am free to close my eyes and totally disconnect from the physical reality.

I sit at my altar, close my eyes, light a candle and do breath work to alter my state of consciousness. I also play frequencies designed to stimulate my 3rd eye chakra. Everything is connected. Distance healing works as the client has given me permission to connect. It would work anyway but permission and a receptive energy on the other side is practically more conducive to a successful session. As the client you will lay down somewhere where you won't be disturbed. You can light a candle or do a short meditation before hand if you wish, the main thing is that you let yourself drift off and just relax. Clients have said they can feel when I start and stop transmitting. I send you a text as I start and finish....but at the end you can continue to lay down until you feel ready to get up and go about you day. I then send you an email summary of the session so you can reflect on it at any time.


Testimonial "I recently had a distance healing session with Gina. I had been struggling for over a week with a constant headache that wouldn't shift. The moment the session bean i could feel the energy change. I had Reiki done before but never experienced the powerful shift I had with Gina. At the end of the session my head was completely clear and we had an enlightening conversation about all that she had picked up from my energy. She is so intuitive she picked up on things and explained them in such a wonderful way. I have already recommended her services to friends as it was such an incredible experience everyone should book a session with her. I can't wait for my next one. It has altered how I see the possibilities of distance healing."


You can watch a video about the sessions by going to the Videos tab on this website and select Distance Healing

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