ART THERAPY   £79 -  1.5hrs

In this 90 minute workshop I will facilitate you to creatively become conscious of and regulate your breathing; reflect on your past and your present, dream about your future and identify the main obstacle within, that's keeping from allowing that dream to manifest. I use gentle techniques including mandalas and other drawing exercises along with just a little visualisation to bring awareness and shifts helping you move through the now and towards a balanced and abundant future. For this workshop with will need at least 5 sheets of blank paper ( more if you know you are a prolific drawer ) , an art material such crayons, pastels, pencils or pens in a full variety of colours...paint of you have and re comfortable.

A compass or a round object to trace circles for the mandala such as the lid of a jar, a bowl etc. A variety of mandala stencils are available to download under the "forms" tab from the home page. You don't need any art experience at all. Even if you haven't drawn or done anything vaguely artistic before, that really is OK.

This process is a wonderfully gentle way of approaching our inner world without getting too intrusive or intense. It's a light yet sincere approach that enables you to process in quite a private way. Sometimes words, specific triggers or emotions can be incredibly overwhelming. Sometimes we aren't ready to talk about something or we may even struggle to find the words. And then there may be times when there are many layers to what we need to process. You'll learn techniques that you can use after the workshop at any time. And you'll have some very interesting artwork at the end of it.

These sessions take place via Zoom or in person at my clinic in Manchester


Testimonial "I had an art session with Gina lately and it was amazing. I couldn't have guessed that doing something which was so much fun could have been so revealing. I found out lots about myself and now have some definite areas to focus on and work toward Best of all I can carry on developing my art work to reflect my progress. I didn't think I'd be able to come up with anything as I'm not the most creative person but Gina guided me through each part of the process and I surprised myself. I highly recommend her method."


You can watch a summary video about these sessions by going to the Videos tab and selecting Mandala Art Therapy
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