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Make Love Not War

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

It took a lot of courage for me to share something as simple as my appreciation and love of men in general. Why? Because I knew that there would be a long journey of challenges ahead once I started. And that's OK. I am expressing a somewhat unpopular opinion....and yet as I am thinking that I realize again jut how bizarre it is that there is any sort of conflict between the genders. Yes, I know , there are obvious reasons for why certain men are getting attacked by society at the moment but honestly it's really not all men. And when Men are attacked....that broad category also includes young boys. These young males who overhear all this negativity about Men. Can you imagine what that does to there sense of self worth at a deep subconscious level? And, how do people, whether male or female, with a low sense of self worth threat themselves and others? Thank about hat for a second. When we balance the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and then between each other we'll literally have a more harmonious world. Masculine and feminine show up differently in different genders. I honestly don't know enough to comment on that. I'm a straight woman who loves men. I can only share MY perspective. It doesn't mean I don't respect a perspective that is different from mine.

But, right now there seems to be a lot of aggression and hate going towards straight men in general.....who are individuals and who have the right to be judged only by who they are and what they do AS an individual.....not clouded by the simple fact that he is a man.

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