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Family and Heart Connections

Trust the feeling of knowing that you sometimes get when you first meet someone.

Very often logic can cripple a beautiful connection.

When you you just know you can trust someone.....then trust them.

When you just know that it's safe to open up to them.....then allow yourself to.

There's no need to comprehend everything from a rational, linear point of view all the time.

Some connections happen instantly on a level where it's just safe....straight away.

Possibly because the souls involved have had previous journeys together....

Or they both at a place where they are aligned enough to know their own truth.....and so trust what they feel and sense.....over and above what they may think.



This is how I decide on who I allow into my life.....who I allow to stay.....and who I choose to let go.



How I feel when I am around them.

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