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Emotional Frequency Scale

There are no "bad" emotions and the emotional frequency scale showing the scope of emotions is not intended to put them in categories of being better or worse.

There is no judgment.

For me it's all about honouring where I'm really at.

For example, if something happens and I feel disappointed or angry about it, even if my rational mind knows for a fact that that response isn't helpful...the fact remains that that is how I feel..


So, in these moments I chose to be honest and accept that that is how I feel.


Now meditation will help me to allow myself to FEEL these, but to not act out on them.....most of the time. .

And I can also chose to take more productive and constructive actions such as talk about my feelings, tell someone what I need or ask for help....or do something to shift my channel the anger into my physical workout.


The simple act of you'll see on the scale...immediately releases.

So, just be cool with yourself...and you'll see that it becomes easier for you to accept and allow these emotions in yourself and others...safely.

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