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Online X-Hail Meditation

Personalised meditation sessions for busy professionals

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Online Meditation

1-2-1  Online X-Hail Meditation classes.

X-Hail modern meditation incorporates gentle, mindful movements while seated, breathwork and modern music. It is designed to make meditation easy and engaging.

Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators. This is an incredibly inclusive approach to meditation and is also perfect for people who struggle to quieten and settle the mind as the breathwork and movements give the mind something simple to focus on as well work to move stress out of the body allowing the restlessness to settle. 

Classes are either 30min or 1hr long.

You can purchase a one-off classes or purchase a package of classes to help build a regular meditation practice into your daily-life.

Benefits of Meditation

*Emotional regulation and emotional intelligence

*Increased blood flow and oxygen throughout the body increasing muscle recovery time after sport and exercise

*Decreased anxiety and depression

*Increased pain tolerance

*Improve memory, self awareness and goal setting

*Increased empathy, reduced tension 

*Improves emotional regulation, learning capacity and problem solving

*Repairs areas of the bran that become damaged by stress and trauma

*Reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels

*Strengthened immune system

*Increased sense of connection with others and your environment

*Brings emotions, mind and body into alignment.

The benefits to meditation are endless. Based on the few mentioned above you can clearly see how meditation will improve your relationships, performance at work or within your business and your overall physical and mental health.

The longer classes include a section of guided meditation which is totally unique to you. You may want to focus on dealing with work stress, inspiration for a project or a health issue.  

I use my skills as a trained Hypnotherapist and Meditation instructor to compose powerful guided meditations specifically for you. 

Email me to enquire about personalised classes.


Book a call with me here to discuss your needs around meditation and your lifestyle.


"Today was really moving. I very much enjoyed sharing your space. Thank you and looking forward to the next session"

"I found the meditation I received through Gina to be amazingly easy to work with and very effective"

Try this free Box Breathing meditation that I created. It will give you a feel for how I work and let you get used to my voice. 

I have been meditating for 30 years. When I started my mind was so full and my body was so stressed that being still for 5min felt impossible.

I couldn't watch a TV show all the way to the end and my emotions, especially the negative ones, were ruling my life.

At 18 I ended up in a psychiatric ward for suicidal depression and anorexia. 

My therapist introduced me to breathwork and meditation. 

Everything changed after that, thank goodness. I'm only mentioning that as I have experienced first hand what the transformative effects of meditation are. 

I have also been through all the challenges that come with finding inner peace. Not to mention that I just have the experience it takes to really support you and provide a sincerely impactful service for you in this regard.

I look forward to your enquiry.