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What is Emotional Intelligence?'s being in control of yourself enough so that you are no longer a slave to your circumstances. It's no longer doing and saying things in the heat of the moment that you later regret. It's no longer being controlled by impulsive habits that are currently ruining your relationships, damaging your reputation, costing you money and leading to poor health. 

I've overcome frequent nervous breakdowns, a raging temper, crippling anxiety, addictions, social isolation, anorexia nervosa, losing my temper at work, storming out of family gatherings, suicidal depression and have helped my clients overcome the same!

My programme will give you the tools to be able to deal with life calmly and in a safe and respectful way.

Your habits will change so that you'll automatically respond differently to situations that currently trigger you.

know what the challenges are AND I know what works!


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