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Feedback from some of my wonderful clients

RTT - Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

"Hi Gina. I wanted to let you know that I still haven't smoked a cigarette since our session. It is now 56 days smoke free. Thank you!"


RTT - Hypnosis to overcome Anxiety

"I recently had an online RTT session with Gina. I had a session to help overcome my anxiety I had struggled with for years. From the first contact with her she made me feel totally at ease and comfortable to explain my issues. She went back to the root cause of my problem and helped me release it. She is a warm and kind hearted person who uses her intuition to help guide you where you need to go in order to heal from your issues. She has such a soothing voice that puts you instantly at ease. I feel so much calmer and relaxed since our session together."  A.G.

RTT - Hypnosis for Personal Transformation

Gina was so easy to work with from the very beginning. I opened up to her and was immediately relaxed because she is such a warm person. Gina was extremely professional throughout and I trusted her wholeheartedly because she demonstrated that she was knowledgeable in her field and completely reliable. She helped me so much and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to others. demonstrated that she was knowledgeable in her field and completely reliable. She helped me so much and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to others. A.R

RTT- Hypnosis for Personal Transformation

"Gina is a warm, reliable and highly professional RTT therapist. She made me feel very comfortable during my session which was a sensitive and private matter. She was empathetic and a great listener who reframed traumatic events from which I am now free. Thank you Gina! I'd highly recommend her to others. 



An Invitation to Work With Me

I work with men who are wanting to manage stress and the impact it has on any area of their lives.
This includes dealing with specific issues that manifest as a result of stress such as addictions, smoking, gambling, excessive drinking etc.
A key part to this is educating and supporting my clients with practical tools in the forms of meditation, breathwork, goal focused life coaching, NLP techniques and Hypnosis.

We can focus on one issue or you can work with me over longer periods of time as part of a 3 month programme to really address all the key areas of your life.  This involves realistically assessing each area of your life and comparing it to where you would like to be. 
I then support you to set realistic yet compelling goals and then work with you in ensuring that you achieve these.
This process identifies limiting beliefs which I clear for you using hypnosis and NLP.
And....working in a future focused approach using the same techniques to really connect you to your dreams, goals and desires pulling the future closer to you allowing you to really feel driven in a calm and grounded way. 

"Gina was brilliant at unpicking the main issues and allowing me room to progress my own thinking. She had a lovely mixture of asking me to commit to practical actions, whilst also considering longer term aims.
Fantastic at being able to summarise and relay my thinking and providing useful questions. Very patient at listening to long answers. Good at focusing on the outcomes for session and overall aim."

Individual one-off sessions last up to 2hrs at £199
Packages start at £800 and include Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Personalised Meditation & Breathwork sequences, Downloadable personalised Hypnosis /Meditation recordings.

Three month programmes at £3000 consist of 48hrs of 1-2-1 sessions and you'll be given specific actions to take which will be designed to suit your specific needs and circumstances.
DM to find out more

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Is stress getting in the way of the life you want?

Stress can seem like an uncontrollable entity. The one minute you can be fine and the next it's as if something intensely negative has taken over your mind and your body.

It's not surprising that to tame this monster many turn to alcohol, smoking or even get pushed to make rash decisions like suddenly quitting their job or walking out on a relationship.

 It's unfortunate that whatever decision we make when stressed, that took only a few seconds to act out, very often leads to a long line of destructive events that take time to recover from if ever. Believe it or not I can really relate. In my darkest moments I literally wanted to destroy everything. I cut off most of my relationships and became incredibly self destructive. There was an uncontrollable rage that often resulted in me trashing my bedroom and even breaking some stuff. Luckily I was only 17 so I didn't have the responsibilities I do now.

However, it took conscious effort on my part to understand WHY this kept happening and setting about doing the work to disarm this reaction.

 Taking back control of that monster and actually coming to a place of peace where I value myself enough to maintain that balance has changed me forever.  Even p until very recently I continued to face incredibly challenging situations but I never allow myself or my life to swallowed up by that stress. 

 NLP Life Coaching, RTT Hypnosis and Meditation can give you the insight, tools. clarity and motivation you need to take back control and really create the life you want. 

The good news is that there is a way to tame this beast and to not only calm it down into total submission but to also then channel this energy into creating an incredible life for yourself.

Simply by dealing with your inner world and becoming the master of it, rather than it being the master of you.

If you are ready to be in control and to no longer be a slave to a seemingly uncontrollable aspect of yourself then I would love to work with you.

I offer free 30min no obligation calls where you can ask me as many questions as you like and to get a feel for how I work before deciding to progress.


NLP Life Coaching, Rapid Transformational Therapy,

 Hypnotherapy , X-Hail Meditation Instruction

Gina Isabella Simone

Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists

Rapid Transformational Therapy Licence

Public Liability Insurance


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