Welcome....please have a browse. 

You'll find art prints designed by me as well as Hypnosis downloads for healing which I have written and recorded just for you. 

Each hypnosis focuses on healing and balancing a specific energy center or chakra. There are 12 in total available individually or as a set.

You'll also find links to purchasing individual sessions with me.  This is a quick and easy way of making a secure payment online but please contact me directly to book or to have a free call first before deciding to go ahead.

If you are wanting more than one session I do offer various packages tailored to your needs , budget and how much time you have to invest. Please contact me to discuss.

I'm happy to answer any questions without obligation.

Along side this I offer an £800 package that consists of 5 individual sessions. These can, Timeline Coaching or a combination of these.

I also offer a three month programme that is totally tailored to you and is a systematic approach where we work through the 6 main areas of life. This is flexible though as you may want to spend more time focusing one area or issue. 

Contact me to find out more.