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Men...are you making time for yourself?

Are you prioritizing YOUR needs?

Do you spend too much time working?

Do you do things just to avoid another argument with your partner?

Are you keeping what's really going on inside you all to yourself?

Do you feel awkward about trying meditation because most of your mates think it's "for girls"

Are you desperate to stop the arguing and to be loved and respected again by your partner?

There are too many men in your situation.

You may have tried so many different things to feel better, to avoid conflict, to avoid contact even....but that's not really living now is it?

You deserve to have someone you can cuddle when you need to and really enjoy having sex with, without feeling like it's being held against you or used as a bargaining tool...

You deserve to feel valued and to be admired by your partner...I mean that's what a good relationship is all about isn't it?

Two people who see the best in each other? 

When you work with me, one of the things we focus on is your relationship.

How you respond can make all the difference. Afterall, we only have control over our own actions not anyone else's. So even if arguments aren't your fault, there is a lot you CAN do which will leas to a different outcome. 

In this FREE TRAINING I share very simple steps to help you help you disarm a potentially volatile situation with your partner quickly AND gain the respect you deserve. 


3 Simple Steps to End an Argument Fast!


30min to-the-point video training to show you how to safely and effectively disarm an argument and gain the respect you deserve


Quick steps and what to do when an argument starts and end it to avoid further stress


Are you an overworked, unappreciated man on the verge of losing your relationship?

Are you being blamed for absolutely everything by your partner?

Are you totally exhausted from all the draining arguments that seem to just appear out of nowhere?

Have you tried everything from doing all she giving her "space" and even resorted to drinking or other forms of escape just to cope with being in your own home and not totally losing it?!

You don't have to go for hours of expensive couples counselling or suppress your needs and opinions to keep your marriage from ending in divorce.

You can take back control now and experience a real and lasting change in your relationship.

Get her to show you the appreciation and respect you deserve. If you are serious about saving your relationship and are genuinely willing to take control of the situation in a safe, healthy and empowering way to ultimately have that incredible connection with her again then contact me.

I'm a woman so I know how a woman thinks and responds.

And I'm a woman who appreciates men and the vital role you play in our society.

I've developed easy and effective ways of helping you get that passion and admiration back into your relationship.



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Chakra Healing Hypnosis Series

Mp3 Downloads

Each download is approximately 30 min long and is designed to heal and balance a particular Chakra

( energy centre ) 

You can find them available to purchase in the product section.

There are 12 energy centres.

Each one is linked to specific physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being and our lives...from relationships to hormonal balance to creativity.

I recorded each one myself so the scripts are totally unique.

Listen to your recording every day for at least two weeks while going to sleep or while waking up.

For a powerful transformation, listen to the full series  from part 1 to part 12.

I've designed the series to balance your energy from the base all the way up to your crown and beyond.

However, you can download these individually if you prefer.

Try these for free