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Spiritual Art Services

Creative Energy Mastery captures the root source of my connection to spirituality and healing. When I produce art, I'm tapping directly into the realms of the unseen. I offer two services based on this ability.

Aura Graph

An aura graph is a sketch of what is present in your aura. Sessions last for 30min and are done remotely online. The sketch will reveal the state of your energy field such as the general state of your energy centres as well as any other aspects that are in your field.
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Spirit Guide Portrait

Meet your guide. We all have positive spiritual aspects who are guiding us at all times. This could be an aspects of yourself from another timeline or dimension, a being from another dimension, an angel, an ancestors etc. I'll focus on channelling an image of a face but I often also get symbols, phrases, names etc come through as well.

Session are 30min long and are done online via Zoom.


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