Creativity is Conscious Transformation


Art was my first healing tool.....

.....and will always be an innate part of who I am. When I was younger I went to art as a safe outlet for the thoughts and emotions that I couldn't make sense of. Destructive energies and emotions, excess energy built up by stress, confusing emotions around falling and being in love, fears etc as well as pure inspiration. It took me a good few years though to realise that I wasn't just releasing energies within. I was also tapping into energies that are all around me.....absolutely all forms of energy. I was drawing other people's energy fields, thought forms and emotional states. I was drawing sprit guides and faces of being from other dimensions. My art has never been something that I controlled. It was the one aspect to myself that refused to control. I allowed images and shapes to emerge authentically and in doing so i ended up tapping into dimensions that at the time, I didn't know existed.

Once I had my spiritual awakening at the age of 17 and made the conscious choice to start studying energy on a metaphysical level, I then realised what I had been drawing. Below you will see the Instagram feed to one of my art pages. All of the artwork that I create is totally freestyled and spontaneous. While creating I often get very clear psychic messages, information from the Akashic Records, intuitions from my Higher Self, images about the state of my health on every level, what is going on in my subconscious etc. What comes through really is limitless as I can connect to anything on an energetic level. And since everything is energy....I can tap into it all.

I also create aura graphs for clients as well as spirit guide portraits or messages form loved ones who have passed on in the form of sketches and phrases of guidance.

Contact me if you are interested.

All of my artwork is available to purchase. With every artwork you'll get a handwritten note that goes into the meaning and energy behind it.