Who I Am and What I Do

I have been studying and practicing energy medicine since 1999.

In all my years of approaching healing from many different aspects including art therapy, talk therapy, hypnosis, reiki and reflexology I have come to realise the one truth that underlies everything and that is everything is simply energy. The various tools or approaches we use really depend on what is most comfortable for you as a client, but they all work. Once you as the client are ready to make a shift, I as the facilitator can support you in bringing about your own healing. Everyone is different. Some people are more comfortable with touch whereas some aren't. Some people may prefer to talk while others may prefer to not speak too much or draw instead. Every conscious action taken to bring about a shift will trigger healing. If you make a change in one aspect of the self with the intent to find balance then your entire energy changes and so does your health, your life and everything in it.

Some therapies such as RTT are more rapid and instantly transformative whereas others are more subtle. 

I have a qualification in advanced metaphysical healing, Reiki level 2, RTT , Art therapy coaching, Massage and Reflexology as well as wellbeing coaching.

I've also worked for years in health care supporting vulnerable adults and have been doing extensive work on my own personal growth consciously since the age of 17.

I have overcome crippling anxiety and depression including suicidal thoughts as a teenager, severe anorexia and various other life challenges that have equipped me to be a therapist who can really relate to my clients. I pride myself on showing empathy with a bit of tough love. Accountability is key. You need to want to change. And I can help awaken your inner desire to do this if you're struggling.

either way I believe that you are powerful and capable of totally transforming any situation and indeed your entire life. One thing I won't ever do is take the credit for your growth. I'm just here to remind you of how magnificent you already are so that you can allow your health, wealth and all manner of abundance to flow into your life in the way that you deserve.




To be totally honest, while I appreciate the need for education, developing tools and gaining recognised qualifications, nothing compares to life experience.
However to make the most out of this life experience and my abilities I have trained and gained qualifications in Rapid Transformational Therapy ( a hypnosis techniques ) , Reiki, Metaphysical Healing, Reflexology and Massage Therapy. My intention in gaining these qualifications wasn't initially  about establishing a business. I've always just known that I had to make a conscious effort to heal myself, and my life. At a very young age I also realised that maintaining balance would be something I would have to make a part of my daily practice. However, I'm really pleased to say that sharing these skills and life experience with others to facilitate their healing journey is an absolute honour. This is just my life path...and I'd be so happy to share a part of yours with  you. xxx

Healer's Oath
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