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Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing Coaching

I've helped hundreds of clients for nearly 20 years to stay calm and master their emotions allowing them to easily take control of their lives and make the changes they want including quit smoking, reduce cocaine use, stop compulsive behaviours such as hair-pulling, overcome anxiety around being photographed, manage their frustrations at work, rebuild professional relationships, regain respect at work and deal calmly with their children and partners even when they are under extreme stress.

What is Emotional Intelligence?'s being in control of yourself enough so that you are no longer a slave to your circumstances.

My strategies for Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing are approachable and adaptable to your lifestyle and they work fast!

Master your responses to every situation in life so that everything becomes a choice and not just another bad habit.

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Coaching - "I found Gina to be a very caring and genuine la

dy. Her coaching style is professional and gentle. She very quickly helped me to get unstuck, and looking at practical things I could do to help myself. Gina helped me to get clear on what I wanted in my life, and to set clear boundaries. After years of isolation and doing everything by myself. She helped me to realize that It’s ok to ask for help. I feel so much more confident moving forward. I still have work to do, but I can now actually see a light at the end of the tunnel, after about 15 years of self isolation"


 Coaching - "Gina is an amazing coach ! She brings so much of her gifts and skills together. Such a mindful and joyful experience I had with her. I was feeling a bit stuck with myself on anxiety circles, special in the mornings and I wanted to bring more happiness and bliss in my life for managing my anxiety and mental health and getting more energy and motivation thought the day. Working with Gina helped me identify how to start my mornings implementing happy routines, to be more mindful during the day , so I bring things into my life that energize me and keeps me motivated to follow my goals. I came aware about the things I am missing that makes my soul happy, giving myself permission to enjoy what life has to offer more and where my focus to go. Gina has a great energy, she makes you feel safe , supported, she is very empathetic and she is gracefully holding the space for self appreciation. Thank you ! "


 Coaching - "Gina is a great listener and helped me work on an issue I wasn't really facing. Her empathy and understanding really helped me and I have seen a real benefit from the time we worked together. She has such a calm and gentle presence that I was instantly at ease but there is a steely grit there too which she used to help me get to the crux of my problem. She really cares which is evident in her work. | totally recommend Gina if you're looking for a coach and I expect she is equally as good at the other things she does! Thank you Gina"


RTT - 

"Hi Gina. I wanted to let you know that I still haven't smoked a cigarette since our session. It is now 56 days smoke free. Thank you!"



"I recently had an online RTT session with Gina. I had a session to help overcome my anxiety I had struggled with for years. From the first contact with her she made me feel totally at ease and comfortable to explain my issues. She went back to the root cause of my problem and helped me release it. She is a warm and kind hearted person who uses her intuition to help guide you where you need to go in order to heal from your issues. She has such a soothing voice that puts you instantly at ease. I feel so much calmer and relaxed since our session together."  A.G.

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Gina Isabella Simone LTD

Rapid Transformational Therapy 

RTT Alumni Member

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner - Hypnosis

Certified Coaching Practitioner

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Certified Practitioner of Time Line Coaching

Professional Member of the Association for Professional Coaching

Qualified Advanced Metaphysical Healer

Certified and Accredited X-Hail Meditation Instructor

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